On the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

[CORRECTION: Outlawing abortions *do* reduce abortions, at least by 10%. Not as much as one would think, but not immaterial considering how many abortions are performed in the US. But the remaining 90%, and the well-being of children who are thankful brought to term? I still believe a wholistic/re-centered approach as I wrote below.]

I feel deeply mixed about the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

I believe that our lives are a Divine gift. Christ showed us that the ultimate act of love is to *give* our lives for others. Only the Giver of life has the right to take it back, but the State/Empire is always trying to usurp this right from God for its own purposes.

This is why I also am deeply skeptical of waging war—and our widespread use of drones in undeclared wars. Why I oppose the death penalty. Why I believe in reimagining public safety. Why l’d love to also overturn DC v Heller (which turned the 2nd Amendment from collective to individual right), and end immunity for gun manufacturers. Why I support vaccines. Why I believe we must bolster support for maternal and early childhood health and flourishing, especially for working moms and the poor. Why I believe we must improve the communal discipleship of young men. Etc. Support life from ‘womb to tomb’, some call it.

Studies show, however, banning abortions don’t really reduce abortions (correction: reduces by at least 10%). Who knows, this ruling may even speed up the normalization of the most inconspicuous type of abortion: via pill. Also, I am deeply opposed to criminalizing women for making a choice that, for many, doesn’t feel like much of a choice—especially if men will not face the same consequences.

What may make a bigger difference is if women didn’t feel they had to choose between their partner’s love v their child, a job/career v a child, raising a child in poverty v a child with strong support, raising a special needs child alone v with the affirming dignity of family and social support.

What will happen next is anybody’s guess. Most likely, we will all continue to become casualties of this never ending culture war.

I pray, however, more of us will center the flourishing of lives and livelihood over ’winning’. Bending towards the most vulnerable rather than conforming to worldly power. And cultivating families, churches, and communities of such strong love that any member can envision raising children within them.