Do Universities Discriminate against Asian-Americans?

Some like to joke that an A- is an “Asian Fail”.  And pretty much most of this attitude comes from the experience of going home proud with an A- to Mom & Dad, only to be greeted with a “How come not an A?”

Well, it turns out that Asian parents might not be as harsh as they are dealing with reality.  Some believe that when it comes to admissions into elite universities, Asian-Americans are at a disadvantage; when you compare to their test scores, there should be way more AA’s in these universities than there are presently.  And that, on the average, AA’s need to score an average of 140 pts higher on the SATs in order to be on par with similar non-AA applicants.

This is far from an open and shut case though.  I thought this debate was an interesting foray into the discussion.

Do Universities Discriminate against Asian-Americans?: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA