Lent Day 11: Do something you’ve been avoiding

IMG_0587So the Lent Experiential Calendar says today to do something I’ve been avoiding or putting off. To be perfectly honest with you, I wanted to shave off my ‘stache. I am Chinese. I was not made to grow a ‘stache. It’s uneven, splotchy, and otherwise a distraction from more noteworthy things, like my fine round nose. But thus is Lent.

I was thinking of what I’ve been avoiding. The problem is, most of them have to do with chores, which is fine. My wife would’ve been quite happy to have me all caught up. And I will (so I say). But I thought I’d do get to something in one of my relationships that I’d been avoiding.

I brought up something that’s been on my mind with a good friend today. Won’t say what it is — it wasn’t anything that we needed to reconcile over. Just something that I know I needed to share out of concern and love. Something that I’d been talking to God about, but now needed to talk to this person about. But hadn’t really brought myself to do it. Because I was afraid. But Lent is a period to let go of things, like fear. Lent is a period where we are reminded to die to ourselves.

So I did.

And let’s just say… I’m glad I did.

Cus what I let go of, I received even more in return.

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