What would I do if I had more time?

So I’ve been recently feeling way busier than I usually do.  A big reason is because now we have 3 kids and, really, I’m not gonna ignore them the moment I get home.  At the same time, despite our efforts, they love hanging out with us so much that they sleep pretty late.  I’m accustomed to working in the evenings, but since my wife now can’t handle all the kids alone (cus we’ve got 3), the whole working in the evening thing has been falling to the wayside.  It’s just the way it is.  (Okay, the fact that I’m getting older probably plays a hand in all this too, and my capacity/energy level is shrinking…)

But the question recently came to my mind…even if I had more time, what would I do with it?

I’ve been noticing through my FB feeds that a lot of church leaders are heading in a direction where they’re not only leading in their churches, but they’re leading movements that transcend the confines of the proverbial church walls.  Initiatives relating to poverty, sex trafficking, leadership development, church planting, etc.  My senior pastor’s the same way.

And so, being as self-absorbed as I am, it made me wonder:  What would I do?

No answer yet.

1 thought on “What would I do if I had more time?”

  1. Brian, thanks for posting these thoughts. Time management, prioritization, and ministry are all very tough questions to answer. I’ve heard several thinkers use the phrase, “comfortable in your own skin.”

    Buechener writes about calling as the place where the world’s great need and my deep gladness intersect.

    But too many men are not aware of what their deep gladness really is; or, if they are, they aren’t comfortable with it.

    If that’s the case, discovering myself, and the place where I am called by God to make a difference: this is my first challenge as a Christian leader.

    Then, I have to learn to say no to everything else.

    Thanks again for writing.

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