Cafe Nomad

I sometimes forget how odd my daily life must appear to people because I am, for lack of a better term, a cafe nomad.

The first difficult decision I have to make each morning is: Which cafe am I going to today? That may sound pretty stupid to most people because usually, it’s really about what you want to drink or where’s most convenient. But for nomads, in addition to those factors, we also think about where we feel we’d be most productive for that day, is it nearby where I want to eat for lunch, will it be crowded, has the wifi been reliable, etc.

This probably explains why I’ve pretty much given up on my anti-Starbucks posture. Because, frankly, in a suburb like ours, you can’t really be too nomadic if you aren’t willing to go into a Starbucks. And this is coming from someone who considers Safeway an acceptable place to work from (they have free wifi). But I will not go to Panera. You’ve gotta have some standards.

2 thoughts on “Cafe Nomad”

    1. Actually, it does. You get two free hours with every purchase (provided you use it with a registered Starbucks gift card). OR you have unlimited wifi if you have an AT&T wifi account, which you probably have if you have AT&T Hi-Speed Internet at home.

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