It’s been so long…

I don’t remember what the average price for a 14″ laptop was back in 2000.  But would you believe that a standard 34″ tube TV was selling for $400?  Now, whenever you walk into any store, it’s hard to feel like you’re not a cheapo unless you fork out at least $700 for a similar size LCD.  Sure, it’s flatter and it’s HD — it’s way better.  But what’s considered standard technology now is almost double what it was a decade ago.  And, more realistically, since 42″ — which is over $1200 — is the new standard we’re now paying three times as much for a television as we used to.  I don’t know why I found this blog-worthy.

3 thoughts on “It’s been so long…”

  1. interesting observation. i think, that gap will get smaller (although won’t hit $400) in the next year or so and if you consider inflation/cost of living, the gap will likely vanish soon.if you look back at what $400 bought in 1990, then i think you’d find the opposite gap…you wouldn’t have gotten anything close to 34″

  2. behind this there’s some marketing geek with a chart depicting how they will migrate consumer expectation as to what is a ‘standard’ tv, and how much that costs, fueled by what every one else has, and how clunky the old tube looks. i feel the same way about jeans. to think, i used to think it was ridiculous to pay over $30 for jeans when joy was purchasing $80 tank tops (also sounds less ridiculous these days sadly). it’s ok. now i pay $13.99 for jeans at ross!!! and they fit better too!!!

  3. i don’t think this eric taub guy is right.  i bought a 36″ tube tv back in 2000 or 2001 (so it’s 2″ bigger), and even then, I got it second hand for $1100. 

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