Why I don’t want to fly

My wife (and her family) have been trying to convince me to fly to Taiwan, her homeland.  She insists that it’ll be “fun” and there’ll be “lots of good food” and stuff like that.  Among my many objections to such a trip, chief among them is the unhospitably long flight.  When I recently shared this strong reservation among some friends, I was shocked at how strongly people insisted that the flight “isn’t that bad.”  Even after I shared that I suffered a rather bad back injury for well over a year after our flight to and from Europe, I was asked, “Did you get up?  Did you walk around?” 

Well, today is my day of vindication.  Today I finally can stand proud, defiant, and justified.  The New York Times just published an article documenting just how truly uncomfortable flights have been and are becoming (specifically among us coach riders).  Amenities are quickly being stripped away, legroom is shrinking, and the overall experience of coach is diminishing.  Why?  Because most of us coach-class riders are down-right cheap.  And airlines are realizing that people will fly no matter what the experience as long as it is cheap.  Meanwhile, premium fare customers are receiving a better and better experience.  I know some people like to scoff at business and first class customers.  I, for one, would never.  Because if I was ever given the opportunity to sit up there instead of in the cattle room, I would do so in a heartbeat–especially on a flight as long as the one between SF and TW.

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