At Barefoot Roasters Again…

They ran out of filters for their single-drip, so my eyes wandered to their ice coffee.  “Cold-brewed for 18 hours.”  Interesting.  Cold-brewed coffee?  So I asked.  Yes, it’s brewed with cold water.  This I must try.

My first sip.  This is interesting.  Strong in flavor, but light at the same time.  It almost had an ice tea quality to it.  I didn’t even have to add milk to it.  So, of course, with an internet connection here, I had to look it up.  Apparently, cold-brewed coffee has been around for ages, perhaps originating in Peru or Java.  And it boasts a stronger flavor with considerably less caffeine (40g vs. 61g) and acidity (pH 6.31 vs. 5.48).  It can be stored for long periods of time without degradation in quality or flavor, drunk cold or hot (add boiling water).

‘Twas worth a try.  And perhaps another.

4 thoughts on “At Barefoot Roasters Again…”

  1. hey! I read about this a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate way to make coffee or if what I was reading was some ad for some obscure product. heehee. so it was good? you gonna try to do it?

  2. omg i saw the “device” that makes this stuff. its hella cool. like the pot on top is filled with ice, and as it melts its drips to this second pot on the bottom with coffee grinds and a filter. then it drips to the last pot which comes out as ice brewed coffee. you brew it over night!

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