Warning: This is about coffee

The feeling of being surprised isn’t always pleasant.  I’m at Barefoot Coffee Roasters right now (Santa Clara), arguably one of the most raved about coffee places in the Bay Area.  I have a seminary class here in a few hours.  I’ve been looking forward to coming here for a very long time.

Surprise #1:  This espresso joint which has been univocally hailed as a local jewel on ‘third wave’ coffee snob blogs and forums for years… is overrun with students and folks with laptops.  It’s an absolute mess.  There is a couple, right now, stretched across the sofa snuggling and making out.  And it’s in a stucco strip mall next to Bed Bath & Beyond.  There are several charcoal drawings of villagers coffee picking (presumably Fair Trade), though.  Yay.

Suprise #2:  The Barefoot beans that friends bought for my home espressing–the ones that I thought didn’t come out ‘right’ because my loaner Krups machine and technique are inferior to the professional’s–it turns out they taste just the same here.  So either a.) I lack the sophistication and discernment of the coffee academy or b.) it’s all a sham.  Or I need to try something with milk.

Surprise #3:  Some stranger randomly sat next to me, reached out, and just picked my nose.  Just kidding.  But that gives you a sense of how caught off guard I was coming here.

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