Instant Messaging Poll (researching social networks & communication)

(e.g., AIM, MSN, Y!, GoogleTalk, ICQ, iChat, Jabber, Meebo, etc.) 

Please list in order of frequency.
Example:  1.AIM.  2.Yahoo! Messenger  3.GoogleTalk. 
This means I use AIM the most and GoogleTalk the least.  It also means I don’t use ICQ, MSN, etc.

Any other comments would be helpful.
(e.g., high school friends on AIM, college friends on ICQ, Y! just for email notification, I hate MSN, etc).

9 thoughts on “Instant Messaging Poll (researching social networks & communication)”

  1. AIM: americanMSN: fob friends (not numbering many)IRC: anime buddies and various misc stuffanything else is pretty much a waste in my opinion: too much to keep track of…

  2. AIM (have had this one the longest), IMIN (our corporate im), Google talk (for friends who can’t use aim at their workplace, sneaky huh), skype (conference calls with classmates), yahoo

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