7 thoughts on “Curious on Valentine’s”

  1. v-day is cool!i found my shovel! shoveled snow.broke my shovel 1/5 of shoveling the driveway.went next door and borrowed my neighbors shovel.cramped up my leg, sprained my back.and rewarded myself with ice cream.

  2. wow, my v day was much like jimmy and elena’s. haha! except I watched all of american idol. and then there was the part where I was at your house with the kiddoes. 🙂 that was fun!

  3. we flew to hawaii, ate roast pig and walked on the beach. i wish! 😛 actually, we put baby to bed, cooked dinner, ate, watched beauty and the geek & AI (i did, not hubby) while hubby worked. alas, such is life with a baby. 🙂

  4. i WORKED, decorated slips for Valentine’s day, turned red thinking of someone, listened to energetic dance love songs, Zzzzz…..

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