No Matter

No matter how slowly I make my way back into the house after a long day
No matter how dark the morning rises
Or how the middle of the day feels like the valley of the black hole
I can always count on someone
Who is barely tall enough that he must struggle to turn the doorknob on my office door
Who walks in with a few smidgens still on his face, betraying his mischief of having gotten into Mommy’s lotion
Who cuddles up next to my legs like a little pup
Who climbs onto my lap and asks if we can watch bears, horsies, and seals on YouTube even though I’m WORKING
Who looks at all the papers, books, and whatnots and reminds me, waving his hand in prohibition, that we’re not supposed to touch anything on Daddy’s desk
Who always makes me kiss him when I ask him to kiss me
And who must always say good-bye in five different ways before leaving and closing the door
And I can always count on someone who is too thoughtful, too creative to always resort to cheap miracles
But reminds me of his joy, his love, and his hope
My joy, my love, my hope
Through the ordinariness of human living and being
So go ahead and have your freedom
I have my son
Go ahead and have your freedom
I have my God

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