The coffee’s old, so what else is new?

So, a while back, I found my “preferred” espresso blend, Espresso Allegro from Allegro Handcrafted Coffee, which can be found at Whole Foods Market.  It was a search, but its deep rich almost-like-chocolate character, well-balanced spicyness, and natural sweetness was well worth the labor. But as of late, I haven’t gotten around to barely touching my coffee beans. 

A week ago, I had the grinds in the portafilter but duty called and I just left them there for several days before returning to them; I had to toss them.  The reality is I just haven’t had time to grind, shake, tamp, heat, foam, pull, rinse, clean, etc.

This morning, I decided to make myself a caffe latte.  The beans have been in an airtight jar, which worried me because they haven’t really had a chance to breathe or gas.  I performed all the obligatory steps for great espresso and milk, but after taking my first sip my worst fears were confirmed–the beans have gone old.  I eventually had to add sugar to make it palatable, but nothing could mask the sad fact.  Not even Starbucks specially-formulated made-to-mask-crappy-coffee syrups could have done the trick.

As for why I haven’t had the time to tend to my coffee:


Say hello to the fourth and newest member of our family, Evan.  He is
tiny, fragile, sleepy, and must-cuddle-you-now adorable.  The joy of
God visits me whenever he leans his head on me, softly bumping
his face against mine in search of food.  It’s been a tiring week and a
half, but well worth the labor.

7 thoughts on “The coffee’s old, so what else is new?”

  1. hi, cutie! auntie susan is coming to see you again soon… just gotta shake this cold first. 😦 I miss you! (that was for evan, not you, brian… in case there was any confusion about that.)

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