A Queer Question

I recently heard an interview on KQED with the folks at Project Censored.  One of the bases for their project is that the news often reports things that aren’t really news at all.  Meanwhile, things that really are newsworthy are often passed over.  One of the main projects is to report on what they deem as the top 25 censored stories of each year.  I know, it sounds sort of Enemy of the State / Conspiracy Theory -ish.

In any case, it got me thinking about what makes the news and what is newsworthy.  So let me toss this out to whomever cares:  Do you find it newsworthy when someone turns out to be gay — someone well-known or even just an acquaintance of yours?  Of course, it’d be more interesting if you explain why or why not.

2 thoughts on “A Queer Question”

  1. Yes, I am interested to find out when a prominant public figure is gay.  It helps me get a finger on the pulse of society.  The reaction that certain organizations/groups/affiliates have to the “outing” of that figure speaks to what social mores exist at large, or at least in the bias interest of the media-group that is reporting it.
    On another note…I don’t get your Blog title.  Who are your “heroes” that can get beat up by my heroes?  Huh?

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