An Aside

Boy, was I schooled today
In my immaturity and passive aggressiveness
I tell God, “Fine, I’ll step aside”
“No,” he says
“Just don’t push me aside”

On an unrelated note, a pitiful rendition [link] of “Lately.”  In general, I’d say English should be a requirement for singing this ballad…but wuteva.

3 thoughts on “An Aside”

  1. Brian, long time no talk, see, or hear. Your son is beautiful by the way.  Yeah man, I agree on Lately. Definitely one of the best ballads of the early 90s, if not of ALL TIME.

  2. hey brian, this is kevin, your fellow brueggemann fan and wannabe. i heard about your blog and i’m subscribing… hope you’re doing well. i’m in nc now.

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