LDS Missionaries

What have I gotten myself into?  One week of feeling responsible for the neighborhood–including entertaining the local Mormon missionaries and now I’m stuck in this cycle of visitations.

I guess I shouldn’t blame them.  I’m sure I’m by far the most interested and willing converser that they have.  I’m not a Mormon scholar by any means, but having a good grasp of LDS basics, I’m sure it’s fun to go into “deeper” stuff.  And they were pretty stoked that I had the Book of Mormon-Doctrines and Covenants-Pearl of Great Price (a.k.a. the “triple”), which I guess most non-Mormons don’t possess.

But that one impulsive “putting myself out there” for the Mormons to see while I assembled my son’s bike on the driveway — no longer seems like it was such a good idea.  A friend of mine asked me, “So what’s your game plan?”  To be honest, I don’t really have one.  At first, I thought it’d be good to see who they were.  And then I thought — Hey, better they talk to me than to one of my neighbors.  There’s nothing there that has any semblance of a plan.  I know some of you guys are thinking of the reverse-missionary thing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do respect them; the work of missionaries is very difficult.  And I think part of me doing this was out of love for them; just welcoming people who are in the neighborhood.  But I guess hospitality isn’t always so easy.

They’ve left me with a copy of “Special Witnesses of Christ” which is a DVD about the twelve living apostles (available at Google Video, of all places).  Let’s see what happens next.

In any case, should you ever want to send a care package to your local LDS missionary, looks like a great service.

3 thoughts on “LDS Missionaries”

  1. you could always invite them to fellowship. and then to church. maybe the idea is to have them less on your time, and move them towards times they don’t really want to show up.

  2. dear apostle to the mormons… i covet your doctrines and covenants and pearl of great price books. in the words of a mad-eye moody… constant vigilance. -s

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