Hell Yeah

So I’ve been studying hell.

What bothers me sometimes is the way we talk about hell — as if it were such a delightful idea.  I’m not always comfortable speaking with people about hell because, for some, it’s almost like they enjoy a degree of certainty that certain people are headed there.  We talk about hell with an amount of trite-ness and with a secret assurance that it’s a good thing.  No it’s not; hell is a horrifying thing.  Whether we understand hell to be physical or metaphorical, finite or eternal, it is a terrible thing to suffer in hell.  I find it laughable that some people think that somehow hell is more palatable if it is finite.  I’m sure it is, but is that enough to make us feel comfortable?

At the same time, I get irked by comments that dismiss the whole idea of hell — as if we’re really so wonderful and God is really so senile.  There is evil in the world that the darkest imagery, poetry, literature, and media can only hint at.  And there are people who operate quite efficiently in that machinery of evil.  And those people are you and me.  In our attempts to deflate our own suffering, we allow evil to inflate elsewhere.  How can a good and loving God create a place like hell?  So we exile hell and send it to others who don’t have the same luxury.  Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.  Should we be surprised that Jesus spoke about hell more than any other person in Scripture?

We hate suffering and love comfort — nothing stands in our way. 
God loves the suffering — nothing stands in his way. 
Go ahead.  Place your bets.

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