Robin Hood

I’ve often dreamed of starting a company that sells quality but inexpensive goods at exorbitant prices to filthy rich people and then funneling those profits toward a cause for God’s kingdom.  I would call the company R.Hood.  Stealing from the rich in order to feed the poor has a certain ring of justice to it, although in this case, it’d be fair business, not stealing.

There’s a proposition on the California ballot that will impose a special tax on some of the richest Californians ($400k single / $800k married) in order to fund universal preschool. 

Setting the universal preschool debate aside, is it moral to target tax the rich?  Is it good economics?  I’m trying to reason with a Kingdom-ethic in a secular society but I keep hitting my head against the wall.

4 thoughts on “Robin Hood”

  1. the rich should be punished for not sharing with me. since I’m too lazy to go door to door on my own, demanding my share, I’m going to have the government do it instead. just kidding. supposing these rich folk have earned their money in an ethical manner, I don’t they should be targeted just because they happened to work harder and/or get luckier than people like me. I don’t think it’s right to just go after one group like that because “hey, they can afford it!” they should tax drug dealers and other rich criminal types instead. oh, such a complicated world we live in…

  2. To carverbaby: I say ‘moral’ because some would argue that since the rich have made their riches on the backs of the poor, taxing especially the rich helps put the world aright. It’s that Robin Hood ethic.But if anyone thinks it’s a matter of fairness and not morality, please share anyways.

  3. well, we all agree to live in the same society and bide by its rules. assuming the rich are a minority and the majority can choose to affect their lives through voting, is really is just a matter of democracy. besides. it’s not even unbalanced. though they have smaller numbers, the rich have been lambasting the initiative through thoroughly misleading advertising. so i’d say it’s fair as well. give to ceasar what is ceasar’s, and if ceasar is the public and this is what the public demands…

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