The Renaissance Man Robbed of His Name

I don’t know when, but I recently started feeling pity for Leonardo.  Leonardo, arguably one of the most interesting, complex, and influential men in modern history, has had his last name reduced to the mere association of a facinating and controversial but otherwise wishful theory about Jesus and Mary.  Oi, Rambaldi.  When we hear “Da Vinci” now — you’re bound hear defensive praise, defensive criticisms, or “God/dess, are we still talking about it?” 

When I hear “Da Vinci”, Tom Hank’s bad haircut keeps popping in my mind.  Ugh.  Good job, Dan.  You’ve ruined one great man’s name and another one’s hair.

In any case, here’s a fun deconstruction of the novel for those of you engineer- or History Channel-types.

If you can’t tell, as a Christian, I’m not particularly threatened by either the novel or the movie — although can’t say the same for Opus Dei or The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH).

[By the way, the links above are the only things that make this entry worthwhile reading.]

2 thoughts on “The Renaissance Man Robbed of His Name”

  1. yeah poor da vinci. he did achieve a lot =)I agree. let stupidity show its stupid head, convert idiots, and begone =)

  2. the opus dei link is kinda funny. it does seem though, that structure in the catholic church is what makes it seem sketchy to the world. but then, so do large corporations.

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