So much for subtley

In case my previous post sounded too much like an expose on the odd dynamics of our marriage–it had nothing to do with submission and everything to do with the news that we are expecting our second child! 

We all know who wears the pants in this marriage.  Jeez.  Yes, jeez…as Jesus.  What’d you think I was gonna say?  Jeez.  Okay, they you’re a good guesser.

Now Caleb will have a friend to spy on the promised land with.  It should be lotsa fun.

7 thoughts on “So much for subtley”

  1. haha – I don’t think ppl clicked on the link. and if they did, maybe they didn’t know what the picture was of. 😉 so, which one is caleb? and… if it’s a girl do you expect her to grow a beard?

  2. I expect Caleb to get into Oxford and our daughter to grow a beard. Anything less will result in stern paternal disapproval.

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