So Much for Submission

When I first got to know the woman who is now my wife (over 10 years ago), I thought that she was the picture of the woman whose beauty is expressed in quiet submission.  No fiesty female for me…no thank you.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday.  As the evening approached 10:00pm, she suddenly became rather aggressive with me and began demanding in her own way that I go out and get her a burger at In-N-Out.  I thought she was crazy; it was 10:00pm.  But she became more insistent, so I retorted, “Your burger order is always so complicated.  Git your own burger, woman!”

The next thing I know, I was driving alone down Alvardo-Niles Blvd in the middle of the night with a pink Post-It on the dash detailing explicitly what my high school sweetheart wanted from a midnight In-N-Out burger. 

Yeah, she’s beautiful…but so much for submission.  Doesn’t she know eating burgers in the middle of the night is gonna make her bigger?  But I guess I should share the blame.  This was not the first time either. 

10 thoughts on “So Much for Submission”

  1. what in the world ever made you think she was one of quiet submission?? haha – man, I shoulda stuck around and had you get me a burger too!

  2. hahah … man, i miss hanging out with you and yuyin. your post doesn’t surprise me … all those dinners at gum gok where, without fail, yuyin would always want to eat your dinner instead of hers and force you to switch with her. good times, good times =P

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