Gospel of Judas

It is neither a gospel nor was it written by Judas, but it is still one of the most important nonbiblical discoveries in 60 years.  The Gospel of Judas affirms many gnostic teachings about Christianity that were present in the late second century and on–and is growing in popularity again today (including a secret account of Jesus encouraging Judas to betray him so
that Jesus might be rid of his body and his true self would be

Gnostic scholars are hailing this discovery as further proof that there was a valid diversity in the early church and that “orthodoxy” as we know it today is the result of clever politics.  Evangelicals don’t really seem too surprised, since this book was referenced by an early apologist, Irenaeus, as a book of heresy.

Personally, I think that this will certainly fuel the modern day resurgence of Christian gnosticism.  But overall, this presents yet another opportunity to revisit our history as Christians…and I’m fairly confident that we will come out not only reaffirming orthodoxy, but gaining a greater appreciation for our history as well.  It’s about time that Christians read history!

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2 thoughts on “Gospel of Judas”

  1. OMGOSH! i saw this on the news today in the Bank! i was quite disappointed that so many people want to grasp so tightly to this “discovery” . The announcer guy gave it like 5 seconds…, and stated it like it was all truth rather than speculation… s Igh..
    and your baby’s cute!
    where’s donny? 

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