A Man of Many Faces

I have a secret to tell you. 
I’m not who you think I am.
I am a man of many faces.
The one you know, is just that … only one.
But it is time to quit the charades.
Here I am, all over the world.
Here I am, from Google Images.

Here I am, elated to have found out that I was awarded the Hong Kong Scholarship.  See my video diary as I share about our progress at Gene Therapy.

I’m posing here for a magazine shoot.  No, I’m not a movie star, but I do make up for movie stars.  As I said to NOW magazine, my style is really “the result of a ménage à trois between David Bowie, Astro Boy and the Muppets.”  I’m totally into “boys, rock ‘n’ roll, boys who like boys who like rock ‘n’ roll. Oh,
and I’m doing makeup on UPN’s freshman series, Kevin Hill.”  So I guess that make me gay.

My arch-nemesis, Zachary Morris (left) beat me during the Junior Tennis finals.  But, you will notice that I am taller.   So we all know who the real winner is.

This is me at the University of Toronto Alumni Assoc dinner in HK.  I don’t know who the two people on my right are.  I just heard some one say, “Smile,” and I stepped into the picture.  Instinct.

Joseph Tong (right) and I (left) here are “surfing” atop our ‘autonomous guided vehicle for industrial use’.  For some reason, Joe is posing like he’s at a high school prom.

“Hey, you’re Asian.  Come help me with the computer.”  You know the rest of the story.  (FYI, I’m helping Scotland’s Finance Minister, Tom McCabe.)

Here I am being worshipped by some HKers in France.  I have no clue what they’re saying.

This is my faculty portrait from USC.  I specialize in dynamic neuroimaging, modelling and statistical analysis of neural activities.  Some of my colleagues mispell my name ‘Brain’, and I think that is just so funny … get it?  Hahaha … get it?

This is me after winning bronze at the Golden Demon contest for my painting of the High Elf Force (a scene from Lord of the Rings).  Conan O’Brien interviewed me right after.  Finally, I will be on national television.  Finally, people will respect me.

Here I am pretentiously pretending to pick my nose, thinking it will make a funny profile pic for my blog.

8 thoughts on “A Man of Many Faces”

  1. oh my goodness. this is the best post ever. i should comment multiple times just to give you more than 2 eProps. i think it’s hilarious that every Brian Hui has accomplished so much. even the gay one….

  2. wow, you’re so accomplished and well rounded! and it’s amazing how you can change your look so that you appear to be a different person in each photo! I guess that’s just your make-upping skills at work, tho. awesome. awesome like joey lawrence.

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