Out of the Closet, Into the World

So I cleaned out my closet yesterday.  I’m throwing away about five items.  As a man married to a woman, I often feel proud that I have so few clothes.  I mean, really, the proportion of space that my side of the closet takes in comparison to my wife’s is just — well, let’s not embarrass anyone here.

Anyhow, as I sat there looking at all my clothes, I realized — Who am I kidding?  I still have lots of clothes …
  … about 15 dress shirts
  … 3 or so pairs of slacks
  … 2 suits
  … 2 sports coats
  … 3 or 4 jackets
  … about 10 sweaters
  … a few pairs of jeans
  … a few pairs of pj pants
  … about 7 polos
  … about 5 t-shirts
  … about 5 pairs of shorts
  … 3 belts
  … a handful of ties
  … countless undershirts and underwear
  … a drawer full of socks

I think that still amounts to about 60 items of clothing plus my “intimates”… so maybe closer to 100.  I remember hearing about stories of families in which each family member only has two sets of clothing, one for everyday, and one for church.  Often, they’ll share a few pairs of shoes amongst one another — so only some of the members can go out “presentable” while the others have to just bare their calloused feet.  I have about 5 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of sandals, and 1 fuzzy pair of indoor slippers just for myself.

Yeah, I know, sounds like the beginnings of a sob story to solicit donations.  But it occurs to me that the most frugal of us here have really nothing to be proud of, because we still live as kings and queens with respect to the global population.  Hell, I probably eat enough in one day to feed an entire family.

I believe it was Rich Mullins — who often looked raggard and haggard on account of his vow of poverty — one day shows up among his friends groomed and trimmed.  His friends ask him what was going on.  He responds saying that it was just as evil to take pride in your poverty as it is in your riches.

So, wife, baby, you gotta cut down on your closet space, and I need to cut down on my pride.  O God, forgive us, for we are doubly evil.

7 thoughts on “Out of the Closet, Into the World”

  1. If you had fewer clothes, they’d just get worn out more often, and you’d have to buy new clothes more often. As long as you have a big closet, you may as well fill it with clothes. Just make sure you stay the same size.

  2. you always have a way of shedding new light.and, since graduating college, i’ve never grown bigger — i’m currently smaller, but we’ll see what happens in the next few years …

  3. Hey I am very sorry I’ve been like not going to church for these 2 weeks>< I really wanna go, but if I go I wouldn’t have time to do HW… sorry but I’ll try to make it as many times as possible to come to church in this semester then in summer I can come in normal basis again: )

  4. what is up with your choice in music? i really question if indeed you really are listening to these things or if you just post that to throw the rest of us off…. the next time i come over, i want to hear that stuff blaring in the background

  5. Come to think of it, I can top your story.Gastroenteritis is a vile disease that kills 1.5 million kids every year. It’s basically diarrhea. I just had gastro, and got well with $20 worth of some Chinese medicine I bought in Fremont. For every moment of three days I felt like crap(ping). Then I got well while 1.5 million kids this year will simply die.I wonder if to them we are like gods.I wonder if to us they are even human.

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