It’s strange how it’s harder to find ways to express happiness than it is sadness.  But, as plain as this may sound, I’m happy.  There are so many old songs and sayings that speak of how there is no happiness like the happiness we find in God.  And you know, there’s a reason why they say it.  People who say such things to manipulate others or to slap on a band-aid onto other people’s problems turn such proverbs into cliches, but when rookies like me discover the centrality of such wisdom, it’s like striking oil in your own backyard.

There really is nothing like the roller coasters of life.  But there is truly nothing like riding those humps and bumps with God.  God is good, yes, and his mercy endures forever.

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  1. i have that album.  i really do.  you will always get more comments about something superficial and silly like milli vanilli than about happiness with God. 

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