A Culture of Celebration

A friend of mine once commented how we as Christians are so aware of our own faults as well as the deficiencies in the world.  I guess the corollary to that is–man, we can be a bunch of depressing folks.

Recently, I have been struck by the sovereign goodness of God.  There’s something about God’s ways that tickles me.  Maybe I’ve been too happy; I’ve been so busy just smiling that I haven’t even gotten much done this week.  I wonder if this is how people who live on tropical islands feel.

I don’t think we should rag on the church for being depressing because–well, it’s not like there’s no reason–we do live in a messed up world.  But I hope we remember that we have a living hope.  When we read books like Revelation, I hope that amidst the doom and gloom, we also read that God will make all things right.  And there’s something about working toward a goal–even one as difficult and lofty as global renewal (e.g., the new creation)–knowing that you will positively succeed in ways beyond your imagination.  Maybe living and working in the light of this bright future will settle our guts, open our hearts in praise, and establish a culture of celebration.

In the meanwhile, maybe I should take up dancing.


5 thoughts on “A Culture of Celebration”

  1. Celebration is vital, rejoicing is vital.  We’re living into a wonderful hope.  Just so long as we don’t become so addicted to Christian cavorting that we ignore the suffering in the world.

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