I have had a conversion experience.

I now like snow.  Yes, this suburban boy, raised in the comforts of temperate weather and indoor conveniences actually likes the snow.  I like snow ball fights.  I like snow wrestling.  I even like putting on snow chains!  Go figure.  And I’m sure I’d like snow football.

Not sure if I can say the same about my son.  He stared at the snow like a boy stares at a nude woman (or someone in a wheelchair).  But the moment I set him down in the snow, he cried to be picked up again.  I laid him down to make a snow angel, but he cried like the devil.  I tried bringing some snow to his face, but turned away in fright.  No worries.  He will one day convert.

I still don’t like the woods though.  I bit dirty for my tastes.  Forgive me, Lord.  Your creation is still good.  It’s just not good for me.  Cus, you know, it’s all about me.

7 thoughts on “”

  1. that is funny! i never thought about how scary it would be for a kid to see it for the first time…..sorry for laughing….but the image of you trying to make him do a snow angel was funny….ahh…good times.

  2. snow is the bomb. you know what the best experience of snow is? driving through it (w/o chains) – it’s the most serene feeling. not sure if the shuffle counts. it has no screen.

  3. yay snow! we should definitely do snow football next year. i’m excellent at tackling. it’s much easier to tackle the person running with the ball than trying to catch it in mid-air. much bigger target for one thing.

  4. you’re hysterical. i’m about to go snow camping, first time. woohoo! but i just checked the weather report. i’m going to die. low of 15 F!!! high of 45 F. frostbite, here i come. ;o)

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