So we finished painting today what will now be our home office, my wife
and I.  We moved in our desks and bookshelves and filing
cabinets.  It’s quite nice.  The color of the wall–which I
chose–is quite dark, but somehow it looks a little off to me.  My
wife and I went back and forth on it even though all along she insisted
it was my choice.  You wouldn’t know by how many times she’d bring
new paint chips asking me for my ‘final decision’.  In any case,
it’s a nice focus-on-your-work color.

My wife and I, we make an awkward but good team.  I don’t think
I’m often on her side on certain things (many things?) and vice versa;
we like to annoy each other a lot and then nervously laugh it off when
the other person seems to get a little peeved; I think she’s way too
frantic and prone to doing regretful things; she gets impatient
over my indecisiveness.  But after we finished today, I had this
sudden slow motion moment.  She was talking about the room but her
voice just sort of faded even though she kept talking normally and all
I could think about was that I was married to this woman
and how unreal and satisfying it was.  I couldn’t tell you what
thought or word propelled me into that moment, it just happened and it
just made sense.

UPDATE:  Does this mean we’re Italian?  Cus that would be cool, very cooliano.

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