Yet another public service announcement:

Regretting the purchase of your tax-break-loop-hole SUV?  Is even
your super hip hybrid vehicle feeling like a gas guzzler nowadays with
gas prices soaring through the roof?  Well, no one’s going to give
you gas for free, but AAA has been monitoring thousands of gas stations
worldwide for one purpose:  to help you find the cheapest gas
stations in your area.  In the meanwhile, consider finding a job
closer to home and bike (bike sales are skyrocketing, btw), taking
public transportation, finding carpool buddies, telecommuting (that’s a
joke), or quitting civilization all together!

Click here to check your local gas prices.

UPDATE:  Link fixed.

3 thoughts on “”

  1. you can trade your car in for a mitsubishi and hope that gas prices are better in a year… mitsustinky is paying for a year of gas for people who buy new cars! craziness. good time to get a new car and take a road trip!

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