A nasty 4,000 year old bowl of noodles in China settles it.  Take that…Italy!


UPDATE:  So it turns out that what likely happened was that an
earthquake overcame the house in which this Chinese person was sitting
down to have a bowl of noodles.  And then, soon after, a flood
overtook the house.  All this to explain how noodles could last
for 4,000 years.  vnee suggests this might be a host (see his
comments).  Come to think of it, they look sort of like that dried
cuddle fish snack.  In any case, in my hungry opinion, it’s a
shame this Chinese brutha could even finish his bowl of noodles before
biting the dust.  All he needed was one more bite.  There is no justice in this world!!

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  1. hm, could it be a hoax?  what chinese would waste food like that.  those almost look like onion strings.  either way, i’m celebratin this discovery with some noodles tonight

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