Photo Food Journal

The pics are in.  So here is the photo portion of my
journal.  Food just isn’t the same if you don’t see it (or eat it,
but too bad for you, eh?).

The popular Legal Sea Foods chain.  All fish and crustaceans are
reported to be at least 18 years old.  So much for fresh seafood.

Caleb is staring at Mommy’s cioppino (left).  On the right is my
faux-fusion butterfish.  Notice the wasabi decor on my
plate.  In between us is the jalapeno cheese
polenta.  It was our good fortune that in sight of all this good
food, that Caleb looked uncomfortably constipated.

After a big plate of fish and chips at Legal, it was love at first
sight for Arthur and Caleb.  “I knew I loved you before I met you…”

Here is a frontal view of the chilean sandwich.

Here is a frontal view of it eating YuYin…grrrr….

Here we are at Artu, the restaurant that served up no-nonsense Italian
food.  Patricia had something similar to a frutti di mare (right);
Cliff had a plate of lamb roast (top right); YuYin had a plate of
freshmade pasta with pancetta tomato sauce; and there I am saying
“Shucks” because my food hadn’t come out yet.

After a glass of port, Caleb leans back for a post-meal nap.

Here I am at Legal again, trying my first oyster shooter (“Red
Eye”).  See what happens to your hair when you drink vodka? 
Good thing there’s an old white man watchin’ my back.

My father came dressed to the nine’s for this cioppino.  My mother
had baked oysters.  If you know my father, he’s not just posing
for the camera.  This is genuine happiness right now.

YuYin cannot stand the thought of eating this little baby lobster.  It’s too cute.

Oh well.

Here we are at The Paramount.  YuYin is having the Bleu Cheese
Burger (right), which was quite juicy and quite good.  They
basically just made like a meat donut and stuck the bleu cheese in the
hole.  Meat donut…how’s that sound?

Hepatitis never tasted so good.  $2 for 3 fresh clams on a
half-shell at the Haymarket.  After finding out that I could’ve
contracted hepatitis from these, Cliff tactfully tells me no worries because he just
got vaccinated against it.

Here we are at The Paramount again.  See that glowing goat cheese
polenta on my plate surrounded by a fortress of lamb chops? 
Notice how I’m not wearing my glasses anymore?  That’s because
they flew off my face into the water while we ferried over to the Harbor

Look at my beautiful brown eyes.  Here we are at Toscanini’s eating some smooth and creamy ice cream–a scoop of
espresso and another of peanut butter.  Smitten by this dynamic
duo, YuYin turns to give us that beautiful fake smile of hers.

The only thing that was gross about doing this was that my head kept
brushing up against Bessy’s big veins.  Ewww…gross.  Freshest milk I’ve ever
had, though.

Seated at the popular Barking Crab, eating lotsa fried seafood. 
Arthur didn’t want to be seen at this happenin’ place, though, so he
put on his clever Groucho Marx disguise.  Mustache’s a little thin, though, Arthur.

Celebrating my mother’s birthday at the gourmet pizza joint,
Figs.  You’d figure with all the money they charge for pizza,
they’d find something better to serve us the pizza on than an upside down
baking pan.  I guess that’s what they call POSTMODERN.

After eating so much good food, we became savory targets of this big
ugly fish.  But…me Chinese…me play joke…me eat fish eye in my jook.

At Panda Express, everything tastes like chicken.

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