Oh no!  Our president hears from God!
The audacity that any man could claim such privilege.

For those of you who cannot see my face, I’m being exceedingly sarcastic.

Although Bush denies those comments, even if they were true, I wouldn’t
really be surprised if he did do things because he believed God led him
to.  That’s what I would do if I were a Christian in charge of the most powerful nation in the world. 
Which is among the 10,000 reasons why I would never get elected. 
Sure, America isn’t a Christian nation, but any Christian ruler would
be silly not to learn the lessons of Kings and Chronicles. 
Listening to God not only counts for something, it counts for everything.

Of course, the problem is that with Bush’s policies and the war in
Iraq, a good number of
Christians believe he embodies the spirit of the anti-Christ more than
Christ himself.  (If Bush is the anti-Christ, then what of the
Pope?  Hahaa, sorry, bad joke.)  And so, a non-Christian
listening to God just sounds ridiculous and self-deceived.  Funny
thing is, the same people who deny Bush’s standing in the Kingdom are
often the same people who believe we have no business making such
determinations.  Go figure.

Regardless, let me say this:  Whether he does so now or not, I pray that President Bush seeks God, hears him, and leads in humble obedience. 
If he’s going to lead this country (of course, along with his cabinet,
the legislative and judicial branches) either down the tubes or toward
a new golden era, I hope it’d be along the path the Sovereign has laid
out.  I know that will scare the bejeezus out of all of
you.   That’s why I also pray that he will have the wise
counsel to discern if what he hears is in fact legitimately
divine.  Even so, in the end, I pray that get out of
office quickly, because I question the place of cross-bearing
Christians in the high seat of power.

But then again, that would question the place of every American president.  Oh well.


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