I’m in Waltham right now.  That’s like saying I’m in
Fremont.  My wife and I used to wonder why our parents would tell
fellow tourists that we were from San Francisco when we were in fact
from the less superior Fremont, CA.  Now we know. 
Alright.  We’re in Boston.

Food Journal

Tuesday // Sept 27

Dinner:  Legal Seafood
(Seafood)…First night into Boston and we just want to have a
comfortable place to have a meal.  After a lot of discussion, we
end up at Legal Seafood.  I must say, for a chain restaurant, it
is quite good (and expensive).  I had butterfish.  It was not
bad, but it was made in some sort of sweet soy sauce (ponzu?) over rice
with a side of seaweed salad.  I like fusion, but this tasted more
like a compromise rather than a joint-venture of eastern and western
flavors.  Y. had cioppino.  It was sooo goood.  First
time I ever had cioppino with a clear broth.  It had all those
sweet shellfish flavors.  And after the seafood, there was the
broth…add the rice and BAM!  Food for the Cantonese soul.

Wednesday // Sept 28

Breakfast:  Doubletree Hotel (Continental)…Ummm…us PST
people woke up a little too late for our free breakfast, but we somehow
convinced the guy behind the counter to give us some fresh squeezed
orange juice, fruit salad, and yogurt.

Lunch:  Chacarero (Chilean sandwiches)…When I arrived here, I was expecting Cuban
sandwiches, but this place was not bad.  Fresh baked bread, thin
slices of skirt steak and chicken breast, tomatoes, green beans,
guacamole, and a spicy dressing.  We got two larges…they were
huge!  They were a bit bland and dry.  The steak parts were
better than the chicken parts.  Although it wasn’t what I thought
it was, I was happy to have tried it.  Green beans in a
sandwich!  Now that’s new.  Maybe next time I should try the BBQ sandwich.

Snack:  MIT Food Court…Y. had a BBQ chicken pizza at C.’s
school.  Can you believe that campus pizza in Boston is better
than restaurant pizza on the west coast?  Thin crust, saucy,
cheesy…mmmmmm.  It was probably BBQ’d over C.’s nuclear reactor,
but hey, it was good.

Dinner:  Artu (Italian)…We had some amazing Italian at Artu.  (Sort of reminds you of R2-D2, but there was nothing
beep-beep-beep-boomp-berp about it.)  We began with a cold
antipasto–salami, green olives, smoked mozarella, mushrooms, and
artichoke hearts.  It was decent, but lacked that Italian cafe
sharpness.  And the salami could’ve been sliced more thinly. 
Y. had fresh pasta with a pancetta and tomato sauce.  It’s one of
the few times I’ve had fresh Italian pasta.  It was simple and
unassuming.  It was the sort of pasta that made you want to eat it
from a bowl in front of a TV.  I had roasted pork loin with
roasted bell peppers, pickled eggplant, and roasted potatoes.  I
loved how the food completely took over my large plate–a sort of pudgy
middle-finger to the image-conscious wannabe-French restaurateur. 
The pork was well-seasoned and not overcooked, the red peppers weren’t
too oily, the potatoes weren’t too starchy, and the eggplant caught me
totally by surprise–it had taste and bite.  This was the sort of
dish I’d expect to find if I were invited over to eat at a friend’s
house–that is if I had any Italian friends with Italian moms. 
Thanks to P.’s sister for the recommendation and thanks to C. and P.
for the treat.

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  1. beep-beep-beep-boomp-berp. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen r2d2 languange in print. captured beautifully. 🙂 glad you are having a good time! give my brother a big hug for me. 🙂

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