So…there’s a guy who drives up across the street from my house in a
relatively new silver Volvo, one of those younger looking models. 
He’s a skinny Asian guy in his twenties wearing a white polo with blue
horizontal stripes and jeans.  He has spikey hair and sunglasses.

Anyways, he goes walks over and takes two pictures of my house, one
from the left corner perspective and one from the right.  Then he
gets in the car, views them on his screen and then drives off.

Should I be concerned?

3 thoughts on “”

  1. maybe somebody else wanted to know what the place looked like, since you are renting out rooms? i may by a estalker, but i’m also mzchele’s friend. if you’re concerned about the stalking, mzchele can vouch that i’m harmless. :). (

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