Thanks to The_Vagrant for posting this article.  The re-post is to spread the word.

I don’t know what it is about Africa.  I know there are peaceful
countries.  One of my neighbors is from Ghana and is proud of its
civilization.  But after Rwanda, Sudan, and now, as I am learning
Uganda–the kidnapping and brutalizing of children by an anti-Christ
I wonder if relieving their debt really deserves to be the top
priority.  Terrorism, Genocide, all the words we use to evoke fear
and emotion in the American masses are all vividly at work in various
African countries.

More info can be read at Human Rights Watch
(a highly biased, but helpful source of information).  Please
leave comments if you have more info and if you know how we can do

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  1. Our church is heavily involved in Africa, especially Uganda. We have been  going over for several years now and we have built a school there (Humble Place) near Kampala. I actually spent 2 months in north Africa in the Spring. We are having a sevice in October that is geared towards Uganda. A couple of people you can talk to for specifics? Cathy Norman ( and Susie Miller ( These are a couple of other people heavily involved in what is happening there.It is good to see that you are realizing how little money talks at this point. Sometimes you have to step out and put your foot where your wallet was, you know?

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