Canon E18 Error

For those of you who are proud owners of a Canon digital camera, here is a helpful DIY site
should you ever come across the all-too-common E18 error (which
conveniently pops up after the warranty period is over and then costs
$150 to fix).

I, of course, used the gracious method of using brute force to push the
lens back in.  Hey, it was either that or pay $150 to have a 2.5
year old digital camera fixed.  I don’t know that is in dog years,
but that’s like 50 in tech years.  Fortunately, I got an E25 error
right after that.  I was hoping that would happen!  But it
went away after I turned it off.

Thanks to sooz, keveneleven, and nath, btw.  Hopefully we can eek out a few more months (years?) out this great gift.

On to other bad news, Lee’s Tofu House (Ranch 99 Plaza behind NewPark)
appears to have switched chefs and/or management.  The food just
wasn’t that great.  The spicy pork was completely different. 
I mean, I like spicy pork no matter what, but it just wasn’t the
same.  The BBQ chicken was lacking in taste as was the BBQ
beef.  Thankfully, I had a few healthy globs of Korean hot paste
to save the day.  The Jap Chae was okay if you ignored the pool of
grease that it was served in. 

So much for Korean BBQ.  I would have
rather had twins.  In fact, I’m going to go and have some
twins with my wife right now.

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