We are brothers, we are sisters
We are enemies to the core
Stones of anger now offer
Views of frightening heights
Will we come down again
And pave new roads?

I will not go down till you stumble first
You will not till I break my back
We will not descend
Unless we fall
And die

Hands were made for holding
Not pointing, not fighting
Is this how love is supposed to hurt?

Hope for healing words
Hard to find beneath this pile
Cheap words will not do
Cast them off, Cast them off
Lest they turn to stones

God, will my prayers penetrate
Can they trump these walls
And bring about redemption
Do it, Lord
Move this stone

1 thought on “”

  1. i like the structure of the second stanza. Spatially, it looks like it’s tumbling down the mountain too, until, at the bottom, the words (and we) lie dead or dying.

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