From an email:

It’s strange where we all find ourselves in life.  I’m happy that
you’re growing to become thankful about where you are right now, and
the path that it required (and feeling like Elijah can’t be all that
bad).  I think that faith in the sovereignty of God is a powerful
thing–even when his sovereignty is shrouded in mystery.  For myself,
obviously, I am still full of questions.  But I would like to be in a
place of thanksgiving–even if it means that all that must change is
myself.  Right now, my greatest comfort is the sovereignty of God–and
a belief that he will share with me his will when he knows it is
I don’t really know what story in the Bible I would claim for my
own.  I have an affinity for David–who never grasped for himself the
throne that he believed could only be granted.  Perhaps David in
Adullam’s cave.

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