At the height of happy waters
Drowned in sorrows deep
I gave my gold, my flesh, my soul
Left to contend with this hollow frame
And the vapor of all I was

They lied.  I can’t believe they lied
Tongues dripping syrupy appreciations
Yet they never stuck around
They said they had a dream
I closed my eyes but they never showed up
It’s all me.  I wish it didn’t have to be

Your voice divine used to echo through
Have my ears grown dull or has the reverb too?
Speak to me, Lord, speak to me
I’ve searched low but there’s nothing left
And now calls weary deep to deep

Songs cannot sing notes this low
Nor can I speak of when you’ve slipped
Away.  Cus you haven’t.  And you won’t.
So I will walk albeit blind
Cast on by lonely shadows
No I will dance.  This fool will dance.
For I know my Reedemer lives
And in the end he will shine on the earth
And all that is waste will sell for gold

Resignation pulls up driveway, home
Weary hand lifts to push front door
And then…
The rumbling smells of kitchen love
The precious face of our midget love
The warming smile of devoted love
Of the woman of my youth, my life

Who am I to hear your voice?
What deeds lifted in praise to you?
I’d push you away with these sinful hands
But you healed them, and my heart
Thank you, Lord
If only for tonight

BH 6-21-05 / 6-28-05

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  1. Hey Brian,I had intended to live in the Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Mountain View area, but your offer sounds compelling since it’s close to BART. Is this place yours and your family’s?Would you send your actual street address via e-mail to daniel.tsui (at) gmail?

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