The Hui’s Are Moving

After waiting on the Lord for 2 years, we are
finally moving to our new house! We will be moving to Union City (less
than 1 mile from the Tapioca Express, if that helps). Praise the Lord
for providing for us just when we need it.

We’re moving in on Sat Apr 9. So if you can help, it would be
greatly appreciated. In typical Hui fashion, we will feed you. But we
are looking for some diligent help. The most likely scenario will be
that I will be in charge of moving stuff; YuYin will be in charge of
telling people where to unload and unpack.

This is our first major move, so if you can help, we would
certainly appreciate it! Please let me know if you can help us in the
morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, evening, or any combination
of these.

(Btw, we’re looking to rent another room to a Christian female. Please pass the word if you know of anyone.)

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  1. lainey and i are going to LA for a wedding, so we won’t be around, but if i can help after or before, you know you can call me
    praise for the house, yo

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