I was about to write about how there are no less than 33 different
magazines on knitting here at Borders and only one on Poker, but I will leave it at that.  Instead, I’d
like to share something from a book I am reading.

The author’s son, Garrett, is asking him to teach him how to read
(mainly because he wants to be like his older brother).  Here is
the passage he read and the author’s commentary after:

A man gave an old coat to an old goat.  That old goat said,
“I will eat this old coat.”  So he did.  “That was fun,” he
said.  “I ate the old coat and now I am cold.”  And now the
old goat is sad.

“It took Garrett about three minutes to get through those three
lines.  It seemed like thirty minutes to me.  When he
finished, I asked him a few questions about what he had read to check
his comprehension.  The conversation went something like this.

   “Garrett, what did the old man give to the goat?”
   “What man?”
   “The man in the story.  The man in the story gave something to an old goat.  What did he give him?”
   “I don’t know.”
   “He gave him a coat.  The old man gave the goat a coat.  What did the goat do with the coat?”
   “Wear it?”
   “No, he ate it.”
   “That’s funny, Daddy.”

*Sigh*  I have so much to look forward to.

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