I just gave some money to a Moonie today and that just depresses
me.  Did it go toward a wedding dress?  Sinless children?

Granted, it was only $1.  I should have asked before, not after.

I think giving to strangers is something I am becoming more and more
jaded with.  There was that racist woman who turned sour on
me.  Now a nice young teenager who has the plastered smile of a
brainwashed cultist.  And there were the countless men and women
in Berkeley that have been supported by the Brian payroll.

I don’t have that much discretionary income.  I believe in
sacrifice.  I believe in grace.  Maybe it is time to change
my strategy and become more discerning and skeptical about the
world??  God, take this blog as a prayer.

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  1. it’s funnie… but i struggled with that one for a while- i still do sometimes… i didn’t know what to do… what reverberated with my heart and mind was that these people (asking for money) did not need money. I really felt like they needed someone to acknowledge them, listen to their concerns, but what they needed most of all was Jesus. So I normally don’t give money without the prerequisite of the gospel being involved in the transaction. Sometimes I skip the money part and buy ’em a meal or something. I think it takes a discerning heart to know what God wants you to do in each circumstance. ok. that’s all…

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