A poor woman drove up to me as I got out of my car today.  She told me how she wanted to go to Santa Rosa to visit her mother but didn’t have enough money for gas and had been asking around all day.  Of course I wondered how she could drive around all day asking for money if she didn’t have enough gas.  I darted a look to YuYin, and she wasn’t happy because just the day before, someone had pushed the same story on me and I gave him a few bucks.

Anyhow, I said no.  Her kind face immediately (and I mean immediately) turned angry.  She drove off and parted with this advice:  “Go back to China.”

Now, that just wasn’t nice.  And I got really angry and bothered.  I was gonna go and use my kung fu to smash her car, but then I realized that I don’t know kung fu.  Furthermore, I realized if I did anything to their car, the four men in the back might not be happy about that–and since I’m Chinese, my math skills tells me that four angry white men is more than one angry Chinaman.  Of course, I’d overtake them with my kung fu skills, but, there I go again, I actually don’t know any kung fu.  So maybe I was gonna curse them in Chinese so they wouldn’t know what I was saying.  But now I realize I wouldn’t know what to say other than the things my grandmother used to say to us–so it’d be harsh, but rather endearing.  So that sucked, because I couldn’t even swear at them in my mother tongue.

So now I realize that I was really angry at her for making such a cheap shot racial comment.  But there was nothing I could do about it because I’m not Chinese enough.  Maybe she was right, I should go back to China–well, Hong Kong, but I guess that’s part of China now and my wife should go back to Taiwan and I’m not sure if they’re a part of China.  I hate it when white folk think they understand Oriental politics.  At least she didn’t tell me to go back to Japan; I hear the cost of living is even higher than here.

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  1. hmmm I would have slapped that CENSORED if not for the for angry white men. gah. some ppl just deserve to be shot.

  2. i’m actually surprised that happened in cali where there are more asians.  on the east coast, there’s more racism in the suburbs.  i guess racism doesn’t know geographical differences.

  3. The run out of gas story happened to my mom and I once at a shopping center. My mom offered to take her to the gas station across the street and fill her up. The woman said, no it’s okay, nevermind and drove off. I thought it was a clever idea.

  4. Brian,
    There’s a lot of professional liars out there. I’ve allowed myself to be duped in a similar situation before. Some people just have no integrity. At least you have yours.

  5. Hey man this is pastor BJ just telling you that I changed names.  It got crazy with the mixing of “interests” and the phone calls that came along with it. 

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