Wow, I’ve been gone from LJ for so long, it took me a while to remember how to update my journal.

I’ve been doing some browsing and I’ve noticed that not a few people have both Xanga and LJ (and others?). Some use the exact same entries, others use completely different ones.

There is a draw for me to join their ranks. I guess many of them do it because they have different sets of eyes looking at Xanga and LJ. I think for me, there is sometimes a desire to just scream. I think I’ve made the error of making some of my thoughts too public before. Maybe, sometimes I want a listening ear, but that of someone who is not too near.

I call this entry ‘Double-faced’, but not really in the negative sense. I think using 2 journals can reveal two-sides of the same person, rather than being fake.

But I suppose I already have more than one journal. When I pray, there is an ear who listens, and I’m not afraid to stumble him.

Anyways, I know there are people who will see this blog … yes, all 2 of you. Please welcome me back.

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