It’s pretty hard to study or concentrate on anything when I think that everytime my wife calls for me I think that she is about to go into labor.

But I don’t blame her … I’m excited!  I’m timing contractions (or Braxton Hicks), looking for facial clues, grilling her about the intensity …

As you can see, I’m taking a break from school & church stuff to brush up on my coaching knowledge … labor coaching, that is.

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  1. From one minister to another . . .
    First congratulations for your arriving child.  I hope nothing but the best for you and your family. 
    Seeing your name as the “founder” of this blog ring. I felt the need to step out of my comfort zone and offer a simple “hi” to you.  And maybe the possibility of thoughtful conversation(s) in ministerial matters in general.  Out of curiosity, what type of ministry are you serving at this point?  And for what community?

  2. Hi.  Thanks for your kind words.
    I am the pastoral figure at the Home of Christ (, a small church community just east of San Francisco.  I’d love the opportunity to engage in some thoughtful conversation.  All my contact info is right on this Xanga, or we can have more open discussion via Xanga.

  3. Thank you for your kind re-reply to my reply.  And thank you for joining my little site.  Knowing a small number exists in it makes it less frightful for me.  I was impressed by your sermon on your Xanga site.  Do you serve a Chinese-American Church?

  4. congrats to you and yuyin! i’m looking forward to seeing pictures! =)  enjoy the holidays!  btw: my small group co-leader’s wife had a baby in sept and he’s in seminary and found it hard to get any work done after the baby came … so have fun playing with the baby! 🙂

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