Hurrican Ivan, through the eyes of a friend

Caleb is a medical student in Grenada (Caribbean).  He lives in an apartment there and after Ivan, began helping the local people.  I am proud to say he is my friend:  It’s just too bad we can never re-connect whenever he comes back to the States!

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  1. brian,
    indeed it’s been a while since we last caught up. the chancellor of our school (in grenada by the way not jamaica – same difference probably to those unfamiliar with the caribbeans) pretty much forced those who stayed behind to evacuate out of the country so that we can rest before the term starts up again on the 28th of september.
    i’m back in town for this week and will be leaving for our relocated university on long island, ny this weekend. you will have to forgive my lack of persistence in keeping in touch. i guess those who have known me for a while also know of my poor track record in keeping keeping in touch with people, especially good friends.
    since returning from school, i have been extremely sick from who knows what. maybe it was from the days going without showers or it was something from the 100 mosquito bites received during the aftermath of ivan. regardless, since coming home, i have been studying, sleeping, drinking water with lemon and honey (mom’s recommended elixer), and going to the bathroom :D. it’s kind of hard changing gears back to school mode after a life moving experience of ivan and its aftermath. however i have to treat this week as if i were still in school or else next week when classes actually start, it’ll be a nightmare.
    so the best i can do now is to update people through my xanga and hopefully one of these days, we’ll be able to meet up. your words through songs and poetry have been an encouragement to me. take care brain.

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