There You Go

there you go
i go left
you to the right
why are you following me?

there you go
flaunting your wares
i know you tried to keep it
on the down low
but i know how you feel
sometime you can feel so strong

there you go
was it worth it?
i can tell it was awkward afterwards
thanks so much
were they speaking from the heart?
or from the lips?

there you go
down before
so much lower now
do you still love to hear them clap?
have your wounds not taught you enough?
have you failed him
and you can’t get over it
is it both?

you thought it was good news
it sure didn’t sound like it though
flapping palettes
silent stares
where did you go wrong?

but i believe in you
that you were after something
that you were onto something
i can’t give up on you
because he hasn’t given up on you
but i can tell it still hurts
it still confuses

there you go

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