From the Lip

your lips are poison
i hate your smile
because i don’t know
if you’re being fake
i hate your smile
because even when it warms
my heart
it teases me
and makes me think i’m all better

your eyes are poison
i hate how they hide
from mine
is there room between us
to be normal?
quit being so damn polite
and just tell me that it sucked

punch my lips
punch my eyes
i’m not worthy, Lord
i’ve been going
but it hasn’t been pretty
midas touch
but everything turns ugly
i wanna go
but not without you

from a tree beard
it came through her lips
didn’t have to see her eyes
your boy kept talking
as if it was all about him
but i heard you
and i don’t know
if you know
but your words
have been my salvation
i wanna be in a hall
where they echo
and make me forget
my bloody lips
my bloody eyes
but i can’t
cus they’re my salvation too

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