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  1. Who the hell made up these facts?  Perhaps Christians should actually read the gospels and let God speak to them through it.  But then again, everything seems so freaking watered down these days, and I’m just a pissed Christian that attracts other pissed Christians….

  2. how do i learn more about “THE anti-christ” i learned about it for the first time at the mike bickle seminar. it was a REAL mind-opener. Like mike already said that the a-c was going to claim he was the real messiah and raise from the dead from a head wound and he was going to have a false prophet who would pretend to be elisha? elijah and cast down balls of fire from the sky. mike described the anti-christ as the hitler of the future =( and also the phrase..adomination of desolation was mentioned i dont really know what that means but i’d really like to know more about this whole a-c thing. mike said that sadly when some people think of the second coming they picture Jesus just appearing, not really setting foot on earth. and they totally just skip over the e…something forgot the word it rhymes with enzymes i think =) but im a lil freaked out cos if this anti-christ claims he is the messiah and performs miracles n solves world wide problems and brings world peace just to lure people into thinking he’s a good guy and then tells everyone that the whole “Jesus” thing was a hoax the jews made up then i’d like to know why it isn’t spoken of a lot. i know for sure i’ve never learned it in sunday school and i guess i can accept the fact that it’s a lil bit too startling for kids in sunday school but if the second coming is seriously nearing then shouldnt everyone or at least people older be aware of the anti-christ and his evil schemes? like i remember a while ago i would always refuse to read revalations just because i heard it was scary but i never did realize until tonight that there is SO much i need to learn from that book of the bible the bowls trumpets..and that ..other thing. i WOULD just check some search engine to find out more but i don’t trust the internet enough with topics like this. xD i just dont want myself or non-christians n especially christians who’ve been rooted in their faith for SO long renounce it just so they can follow some imposter who claims to be God..=(

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