I’ve become somewhat down about the spiritual life of our church.  Often times, I feel like the smell of death is more prominent than the fragrance of Christ.  Yet I also doubt my suspicion because I am wary about mistaking my own spiritual state for the church’s.

Nonetheless, I can feel it in my bones–we need revival.

I was talking to my friend the other day about what revival means.  In my mind, I see people lifting up their hands in worship.  When I think about it, I can imagine people sharing Jesus in a joyful way with everyone around them.  But in many ways, revival is something that I can feel but not see, at least prophetically.

But I realize, that ultimately, regardless of what revival will look like, what we all must come to is the place where we live faithful to our God.

I have been a Christian now for 12 years.  I think I am only beginning to understand what this means.  It is strange how the simplest things are actually mysteries that unfold in beautiful ways.  I have been experimenting and searching in all different directions:  true spirituality is knowing God, wait–no, it is about being true to yourself, nah, it’s all about knowing the Bible, uh uh, it’s about engaging the world.  But I can’t escape the very simple notion of faithfulness.

I can feel it, God is working in me.  Do you ever get that feeling that despite all the crap that is happening your life, both because of your fault and no, that God is up to his usual ways?  Anyways, I pray that I can be faithful to him–he has always been faithful to me.

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  1. yes indeed we need revival. countless times i’ve heard it prophesized that our generation is the one that will bring revival. but i sit here wondering WHOA hold on there. US bring revival? that’s scary i don’t know if i can do it..i’ve still got a LONG way to go on my own spiritual walk. but my desire to see revival is still as strong as ever despite my weaknesses. too many people stray away from God or don’t even know him in the first place. n that sucks a lot. the way i picture revival is that i see a HUGE army of youth of ALL the nations all combined together. all skin tones all heights sizes ethnicities cultures. all charging along side with Jesus as the commander while we fight against the demons that surround us. we fight for other unsaved lives. we fight for our own we fight till the demons are demolished. i guess u can picture LOTR wars/battles. thats about how fast and strong we are charging. except a thousand times stronger and larger. “the little things separates us but the bigger things keep us together” so during that spiritual none of God’s soldiers are going to be bickering towards each other or putting each other or teasing each other or spitting insults cos we’ll all be setting our minds on the bigger picture. =) yeap..thats about it 😀

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